We aim to save 600 thousand trees per day with MDF recycling technology.

Our Story

Since its inception, trees have provided us with food and oxygen, the two essential elements of life.

As we evolved, they provided additional needs such as shelter, medicine, and equipment. Today, their value continues to rise, and more benefits of trees are discovered as their role expands to meet the needs created by our modern lifestyles. It is our duty to take measures to protect trees.


We protect trees to leave a beautiful world for the future

Protect Natural Resources

The more wood that is recycled, the less trees that have to be felled. Trees play a vital role in sustaining ecosystems, releasing oxygen and positively impacting the environment.

Reduce Costs

Reprocessing recycled materials is far less costly in terms of materials, energy and money than using virgin materials.

Decrease Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Trees take in C02, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming, and create oxygen. The preservation of trees is a critical issue in the fight to reduce global warming.

Prevent Fire Hazards

The accumulated waste MDF, which has completed its useful life, poses a danger. Fire risks are reduced if properly managed and recycled.

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We protect trees to leave a beautiful world for the future

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